Jordan R. Thompson

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Mar 14

Software/systems design/development engineering position working with state-of-the-art technology.

MSCS, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne Aug. '89
MBA, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Dec. '87
BSEE, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, June '85

Software systems engineer adept in design and both rapid and conventional development on a variety of hardware/software platforms using various SW methodologies. Experienced with most state-of-the-art COTS applications.  Hold an active TS/SSBI/EBI with SCI security clearance.


Jan 99-present SOFTWARE SYSTEMS ENGINEER, ThompCo, Inc, Melbourne, FL

Contracting with various local organizations as the owner of a Software consulting S corporation.  Responsible for identifying, pursuing, and securing new opportunities as well as completing them.  Typical contracts are short-term, several are either follow on or continuous.  Provide custom software and hardware installations for small businesses.

Dec 13 – Present Veracity Network

Worked with a startup company to resurrect six-year-old Windows Visual C++ code and systems to be able to support new and existing customers.  Provided software and systems level support to help customer understand how their stand-alone systems operated and communicate with Windows servers running ASP and .net software communicating with multiple PostgreSQL databases.

Jan 13 – Dec 13 Moallem Realtors                                                 

Developed sophisticated web scraping applications in Python to extract data from the Property Appraiser and Tax Collector web pages and insert the collected data into a MySQL database for finer searching algorithms than are available online.  Also interfaced with Google Earth to present these locations to the Realtors.  Created a web site using PHP and JavaScript, on a MySQL database.  Developed a java application to interface with the online database to allow Realtors to maintain their listings as well as general information on the web site.  Used JUnit tests to test software as it was being built and installed.

April 11 – Jan 13 Onyx-ware Corporation

Senior Software developer for Java applications that communicate to remote portable devices via proprietary methods. Responsible for small task force to develop, test, and field Onyx-ware software as well as test software running on the remote devices.

June 09 – March 11 Per/Sys Corporation

Software architect and developer developing a data collection system to monitor and control methane gas destruction at remote sites to support the anticipated Cap-And-Trade legislation.  Responsible for the design and implementation of a system written in java to retrieve, parse proprietary data in a third-party proprietary format, and insert it into a MySql database.  Developed a GUI in Java for the end-user to view the data from their desktops that is delivered to end users via Web Start.  All this is done in a rapid-prototype environment, trying to anticipate and meet our customer’s requirements.

July 02 – April 11 Harris Corporation

Senior Software developer for classified suite of applications.  Provide design and development in java, C++, perl, motif, SQL, and HTML for GUI front ends, database, and server applications for both new and existing software running on Sun, SGI, and Windows operating systems. Interface COTS software into existing applications.

Sept 01 – July 02 Wilco Inc

Lead engineer for team of five engineers responsible for the design and development of an automated machine for taking air samples for RSSResponsible for all aspects of software.  Required interfacing to various hardware devices including RS-232, Ethernet, and an Easy I/O board as well as a GUI for human interaction.  Embedded software reads samples schedule and communicates with other similar devices for redundant uninterrupted remote sampling.  Used Borland and Visual C++.

Jan 00 – Sept 01 Wilco Inc

Designed and developed a billing database and software to generate customer usage bills from satellite-based CDR formatted files for ViaSat customers using Crystal Reports.  This software is in use by ViaSat for all their Starwire customers.  Added additional functionality while developing a web access for the same database in C++.

Jan 99-Jan 01 ITAC Corporation

Worked on developing GIF to CADRG/NITF image conversion software to be used with Oilstock.  Developed a classified data parsing and displaying GUI application at AFTAC on Solaris and Motif. Migrated existing code to current compilers (Sun and GNU) and third party APIs. Built a Windows DLL to acquire accurate time from a GPS source for use in a LabView application. Provide other software systems support as required. Used GNU C++ on Solaris.

Jul 99 – Nov 99 CSI / Harris

Worked with Harris engineers to select a fault correlation package for the Harris Network Manager (HNM) product.  Evaluated several options including new development.

May 99-Sep 99 Performance Systems

Worked with existing Windows 32-bit GUI and ODBC (SQL) software to develop a demographic database for a commercial application in Visual C++.

Jan 99-July 99 CSI/ Mnemonics

Developed multiple levels of software systems documentation for a new state-of-the-art military satellite radio, working with DOD MIL-STD-188-XXX series specifications.

Jan 99-Mar 99 DRS Technologies

Developed a GUI application running under Windows 95 interfacing to hardware used to scan feet and mill orthotics from blanks. Developed an ODBC relational database to support the GUI using Visual C++.

Aug 98-Jan 99 Rockwell Collins

Worked on the Radio Interface Unit (RIU) simulator on a Windows 95 platform using Active X (Visual C++) and LabView. Assisted other engineers in transitioning to Windows platforms.

Apr 98-Aug 98 Harris Corporation

Developed a multi-sensor source image to National Image Transfer Format (NITF) conversion tool for Solaris and Silicon Graphics machines. Designed and developed a complete HTML class hierarchy, using STL to support software-generated web page construction. Mentored junior engineers on object oriented techniques.  Used C++ on Solaris.

Dec 96-Apr 98 SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, ITAC Corporation, Melbourne, FL

Designed and developed an object oriented image and message transfer system (BRITE) in C++ to handle message requests from field units and deliver customized, cropped images obtained from various sources. Developed a graphical alarm display/response system as an Active X component for Windows 95/NT communicating with an ODBC/SQL database for a commercial customer using MS Visual C++, STL and MFC. Developed a real-time communication application to sync and parse data over a serial link on a Windows machine using the MSVC++ 5.0 compiler. Responsible for developing C++ classes for a reusable GUI and tools library on Solaris using Motif, STL and Visu.

Mar 96-Dec96 SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, XLVision Corporation, Sebastian, FL

Responsible for developing rapid prototype applications in a very time-aggressive environment, developing methods for writing and maintaining reusable code, and mentoring other software engineers. Developed an application to monitor and control shipboard infrared camera positions. Developed various front-end screens for demonstrating multiple proprietary image processing techniques using Visual C++, Visual BASIC and ODBC/Access. Developed applications to fingerprint and photograph users and glyph-encode this information onto a credit card; developed applications to read the glyph-encoded card and display the photograph and validate the fingerprint. These applications were developed using COTS API's and COTS hardware. Developed new (and modified existing) code for reusable image processing, and H/W API libraries for rapid response to marketing requirements. Developed algorithms and software for image processing and evaluated different Optical Character Recognition (OCR) API's (Visual C++, MFC and OLE).

Jan 95-Mar 96 LEAD SOFTWARE SYSTEMS ENGINEER, Harris Aerospace Systems, Palm Bay, FL

Responsible for all aspects of system software design and development for a turnkey aircraft-to-desk data transfer system via TCP/IP. Designed, rapidly developed, and tested an embedded system for monitoring, analyzing, and recording DO-717 DFDAU data for FOQA analysis to be used by commercial airlines. Designed and implemented an MS-Windows DFDAU PC Simulator as well as a FOQA parsing tool using Borland C++ and Visual BASIC. Installed and configured Novell NetWare file servers and UNIX machines operating over both Ethernet and 800 MHz wireless networks. Built and administered a Linux machine and configured it as a dual-homed gateway to a private lab network. Provided all software system proposal designs and cost estimates for the customer.

Jun 94-Jan 95 LEAD SOFTWARE SYSTEMS ENGINEER, Harris Air Traffic Control Systems, Palm Bay, FL

Developed a CMIP/Informix agent and modified the HNM to communicate with it. Lead a team in the design and rapid development of a prototype two-way air-to-ground DO-219 compliant data link using AIX UNIX, C, C++, Motif, Dataviews, SQL, and TCP/IP socket communication on IBM RS-6000 and Sun SPARCstation's for international transoceanic flights. Developed a simulator to test and demonstrate the software.

Dec 89-Jun 94 LEAD SOFTWARE SYSTEMS ENGINEER, Harris Electronics Systems, Palm Bay, FL

Responsible for the design and development of various subsystems for the Harris Integrated Network Toolkit (now HNM)  a network control and monitoring system - using OSF, AT&T and UCB UNIX, C, Motif, and Informix SQL on Intel-based machines, Harris Nighthawks and dual-universe Pyramid hosts. Performed UNIX System Administration on the Pyramid. Formally trained on Harris Nighthawk. Designed and implemented a sophisticated distributed proposal database management system from my original concept, utilized by the entire division, running on multiple DOS PCs over a Banyan network using Clipper/dBase. Developed a series of tools to analyze radio coverage, model UHF/VHF antennas, and display/plot the results. Worked with the customer and subcontractors to define system-level requirements and interface definitions. Interfaced with subcontractors designing console and related subsystems for several 800 MHz radio system pursuits. Analyzed customer requirements: designed and developed reusable software (UNIX/C Clipper/DOS) for Data Acquisition and Control systems and Computer Aided Dispatch systems for metropolitan transit customers. Evaluated software products ranging from Automated Vehicle Location to DBMS for integration. Designed system-level architecture and communication protocols.

Dec 87-Dec 89 SENIOR SYSTEMS ENGINEER, Harris Controls & Composition, Melbourne, FL

Evaluated adequacy of proposed configuration for specific business opportunities, including resource requirements. Coordinated technical activities of hardware and software engineering (UNIX/C, FORTRAN) and technical personnel. Assured overall technical integrity of systems proposed. Worked with Hardware to design a new RTU modem for the new XA architecture.

Mar 85-Dec 87 SENIOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, Harris Controls & Composition, Melbourne, FL

Provided technical support to project teams and systems engineering. Analyzed intrinsic system availability for marketing proposals. Quoted labor and hardware estimates for system and subsystem design and incorporation. Reviewed/recommended hardware for system integration. Designed system-level interconnects and component - level interfacing. Performed functional testing and provided results of analysis. Computerized and automated department tasks.

Jul 84-Mar 85 COMPUTER PREVENTIVE , Harris Controls & Composition, Melbourne, FL

Maintained disk drives, MTU's, CPUs, printers, and other ancillary equipment for all computer systems in the division.

Apr 80-Sep 81 USCG-LICENSED INSTRUCTOR, YACHT DELIVERY CAPTAIN, Caribbean Yacht Charters, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands


Programming abilities in MS Visual C++, Gnu C and C++, MFC, Borland C++, MS Visual BASIC, Java, Ada, SQL, Motif, UNIX Shell Script, Pascal, Clipper/dBase, Crystal Reports, and FORTRAN. Experienced With Dataviews Xdesigner (Sun Visu), SCCS, CodeManager, Microsoft Source Safe, Standard Template Library (STL), Informix, Oracle, ODBC, Active X, OLE, Access, FrameMaker, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Internet web page construction (HTML) Microsoft Font Page, LabView, various UNIX, DOS and Windows applications


Introduction to M9000 Hardware August, 1985

OSF/Motif Programming September, 1991

Harris Nighthawk Unix System Administration, February, 1993

Time Management February, 1994

Situational Leadership November, 1994

C++ Programming December, 1994

Software Project Management April, 1995

Advanced Java, September, 2002


Born in Beirut, Lebanon, of US Diplomatic Service Parents. Lived formative years overseas: Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Trinidad, Vietnam and three years aboard parents' ketch crossing Mediterranean, Red Sea, Atlantic and Caribbean: studied in variety of schools: British, Arab, Catholic and private. Speak, read, and write Spanish, Arabic, and am currently studying Farsi; speak a bit of several other languages.